August 2019


August 2019
Dear Electronics Colleague -
We recently had the distinct pleasure of seeing the "Big Boy" steam driven locomotive make its way through the Chicago suburbs. It is a massive 1.2 million pound monster whose train whistle (louder than a heavy metal concert) and chugaa chugga choo choo sound was heard for miles around. It was rebuilt and revitalized for the 150th anniversary of the transcontinental railroad completion.
Can't wait to visit the Pullman town buildings this fall when these company owned buildings and track homes are opened for their yearly celebration!  Early in 1880, Pullman secretly purchase 4,000 acres of land west of Lake Calumet for $800,000. The actual site of the town including the Pullman shops did not occupy more than 300 acres and the residential portion of Pullman had 531 houses.  Pullman is distinct in that nearly all of this housing stands today more or less as it did originally . We'll get a chance to see how the infamous railroad cars were built and how the "planned" community looked over 100 years ago. 
Don't forget to make your trek to Southwest Michigan for blueberry, raspberry and blackberry picking!
Enjoy the summer!
Dan Patten
Prototype Foil Stencils

BEST has been supplying prototype and process development stencils for several years,  Customers keep relying on BEST to:
  • Deliver stencils in a fast turn environment so that projects can be done in a timely manner.
  • Deliver quality engineering services that feed into the aperture design as we have lots of experience with stencil printing for rework in our building
  • Deliver high quality TENSION stainless steel stencils. If you start with the best ingredients your prototype and development project has the highest potential for success
Options include foil only, prototype stencils with a side wall to protect solder from bleeding outside the print area and foils cut for different frame tension systems.
Contact Chris Edwards at 224-387-4302 for more information or to give us try.
Automotive Suspect  Assembly Sorting
If you are looking for a resource to sort through a mess, BEST Inc. can provide your electronics and mechanical sorting service in Chicago.

We recently provided x-ray sorting services for a customer who had to sort through 80,000 automobile assemblies which had a potential
 defect. Each assemblies x-ray was compared against known defects, marked properly for the defect condition, placed into the correct packaging and returned. 
Contact Laura Ripoli @ 224-387-3255 for more information on how we can provide this service for your project.
¿hablas español?
Now offering
BEST can accommodate your Spanish language solder training and certification requirements.
We have several experienced native Spanish speaking soldering trainers available for your requirements 
For any questions regarding a particular course, contact JL at  224-387-3256 to book your Spanish language soldering class .