JUNE 2018


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June 2018 

Dear Electronics Colleague -

Happy National Sewing Machine Day! Early machines started in the mid-1700's in very primitive form. While the first modern sewing machines were made in France in the 1830s, It wasn't until around 1846-1851 that Fisher & Singer were battling for the patents and mass production in the U.S. Prior to it's creation, clothes items were completely sewn together by hand. Remember when circuits were wired entirely by hand?  Not so long ago. Do any of you have any good 100% hand wired stories and/or pics you can share with us?

Enjoy your summer!

Best Regards,


Dan Patten 


FREE Webinar on Conformal Coating

Once again, BEST is partnering with SMTA to offer a free webinar for members.

Title: Consider the Options - How should I mask for Conformal Coating? 

Date: June 20th from 1pm to 2pm EST


There are numerous masking options available when conformal coating a PCB. The question is: which one should I chose? The answer lies in optimizing a variety of variables including the time it takes, the economics of the build, the material compatibility and the process of coating being employed.

This FREE 60-minute webinar reviews the reasons for masking, the types of masking methods, the "gotchas" in masking for conformal coating and the compatibility with different application methods.

The webinar will be sprinkled with practical application tips to help guide you towards the right masking process for a variety of conformal coating work ahead of you.

Presented by Bob Wettermann, BEST President and MIT.

BEST Metal Stencils

BEST manufactures laser-cut SMT Framed Stencils that are designed to work on SMT printing machines.

Key features of BEST metal stencils:

  • Higher quality, Hi-Tension steel for cleaner release characteristics.
  • Clean laser-cut apertures
  • Excellent print performance
  • Multitude of different frame materials and sizes are available

If you have any questions regarding metal stencils, contact our Product Manager Chris Edwards ( at 847-797-9250.

Wire Stripping Service

BEST offers semi-automated mechanical wire stripping of very small diameter wires-down to 40 Gauge. We have the capability to perform the following for wire gauges from 22 to 40 gauge:

- Cut to length

- Cut to and length and strip one or both ends, either with the insulation still in place or removed

 - Window pane strip as well as cutting to length and stripping the ends of the wire

BEST can provide a variety of labeling and packaging solutions for this wire stripping service. You can be rest assured that the quality will be impeccable as BEST will inspect the cable assembly per the latest WHMA/IPC-A-620 guidelines.

For more information, contact Laura Ripoli ( at 224-387-3255.

New IPC Training Schedule

The 2018 Training Schedule for July through December has recently been released. You can find the schedule here.

If you have any questions about a particular course or would like to receive pricing, please contact Alex Conley ( at 224-287-3256.



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