IPC Certification Portal

In order to increase security and to streamline the way testing is executed in IPC certification courses, IPC has transitioned to an online certification portal for all IPC registrations, examinations, and reporting. All required IPC examinations will now be issued through the portal. Some key features of this new online portal include:

  • Reducing candidate registration times
  • Improving exam security
  • Unique serial numbers for exams
  • In-service reviews that allow IPC to dynamically adjust exams while in the field
  • Allowing instructors to focus more on quality training and student performance
  • Easy testing system to navigate
  • Improving data integrity
  • Protecting overall value of IPC certifications

Ultimately, the IPC Certification Portal is focused on eliminating paper-based examinations in order to ensure reliability, validity, and fair scoring in every exam that IPC delivers.

Important Links

CLICK HERE for steps on how to set up a class and get your CIS students certified through the IPC Certification Portal