IPC Certification Portal

IPC’s EDGE certification portal  is an online learning and testing platform used by the trade industry to deliver content, for conducting testing and administration for its certification programs. These certification programs include CIS, CIT, MIT and CSE materials for the following programs:

  • IPC-A-610- Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
  • J-STD-001- Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies
  • IPC-A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for Wire Harness and Cable Assemblies
  • IPC 7711/7721- Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies
  • IPC-A-600-Acceptability of Printed Boards
  • IPC-A-6012- Qualification and performance requirements for the fabrication of rigid PCBs

This training and certification portal is used for the following functions in administration of the IPC certification program:

  • Management of credential holders of IPC certifications
  • Management of online and offline examinations
  • Management of IPC certifications and validations thereof
  • Online proctoring of examinations
  • Location of training materials for instructors including exams and training and support videos

For the training and certification program there are are two learning modules which are located on the IPC EDGE platform. The first of these is the IPC EDGE Essentials training module which each credential holder must review and pass a written exam on. This Essential module makes sure students understand the certification program, the various functions of the IPC trade organization and how the standards are organized.

In addition, the Enhanced Policies and Procedures module, also residing on the IPC EDGE 2.0 platform, is a requirement for all certification programs. This module instructs and informs on the IPC certification program and its associated policies and procedures.

If you have questions on how to use the portal please contact BEST at (847) 797-9250.