High Volume Automated BGA Reballing


High Volume BGA Reballing 

BEST the the capability and machinery to automate various parts of the reballing process in order to deliver high qulaity, consistent BGA reballing services.

Reballing machinery is used to repeatably attach the solder balls using a tool set which can repeatably and accurately place solder balls onto a part with a controlled volume of flux dispensed on each of the pads. After reflow the devices are subject to a controlled batch reflow process followed by a cleaning process which relies on reaching a specified ionic cleanliness level prior to completion.

Not only does BEST have the capability to automated the flux deposition and ball attachment process, but automated inspection machinery insures that the reballing results are consistent and have the highest quality. Defects such as undersized balls, oversized balls, bridges, FOD, missing balls and others can be detected by the inspection equipment.

For high volume BGA reballing BEST offers the availability of tape and reeling services and 100% optical inspection for coplanarity, pitch and ball diameter post collapse.