BGA Salvaging Services

BEST Inc. Is your trusted source for salvaging BGAs and other hard-to-obtain or obsolete components. If components have extended lead times, are end of life or on allocation your PCBs still need to be built or serviced. This is when the careful harvesting operation knowledgeable in the industry standards and art of PCB rework such as BEST can be your resource. BEST can properly salvage your BGAs, QFPs and other complex devices making sure that J-STD-033 MSD guidelines are followed and your boards are handled to the EOS/ESD standards as outlined in the EOS/ESD2020 guidelines.

BEST can provide a variety of  harvesting services included within an electronic component salvaging operation including but not limited to:

  • BGA salvaging
  • BGA reballing
  • QFP salvaging
  • BGA bake out, dry packing and packaging on tape and reel or in trays for SMT use
  • PCB scrapping with or without a certificate of scrap compliance
  • Other component salvaging
  • Remarking of components


There are steps in a successful BGA harvesting operation. Once the components on the board have been identified the moisture must be driven from the packages to be salvaged by baking the populated PCBs per the J-STD-033 guidelines. Once the boards have been properly baked out to drive out the moisture they are stored in a dry cabinet or low oxygen environment in order to prevent oxidation of the solderable surfaces as well as to protect the hermetically-sealed packages from moisture ingress. The component location or locations needs to be identified. Parts are removed in a variety of ways depending if the board will be used for other components or if the boards and components will be scrapped or recycled. Once the BGA is removed the part is cleaned and reballed using a BGA preform . The component is then cleaned, inspected, marked if required and then packaged onto tape and reel or back into the proper trays. Other electronic components can also be salvaged in a similar way.

There are a variety of reasons to use BEST for the salvaging of your components. Some of these are:

  • BGA salvaging is an expertise we have developed over our 20+ years in performing BGA and QFP rework and repair services.
  • PCB rework is a service we perform every day on CLASS 2 and Class 3 electronic assemblies-we are set up to handle boards, practice MSD and EOS/ESD safeguards.
  • BEST has a robust quality system as we are ISO registered.
  • BEST understands the latest IPC standards as we are a master IPC training site.
  • BEST has the most up-to-date PCB rework and repair equipment.
  • Class 3 assemblies requiring ITAR procedures can be handled by BEST as we are ITAR registered and handle customer product.