Component Printing Stencils for Rework

SMT Printing StencilComponent Rework StencilSearch Catalog / Place OrderSearch Catalog / Place OrderComponent SMT stencils are laser cut solder paste stencils typically used to manually print a single component such as a leadless device prior to placement on a PCB. Component SMT stencils are custom made for any component and can be customized with relief areas. 

We can design these stencils as well as other fixturing to work with most of the rework systems on the market. These are used to print paste directly on the component and then fit into your own rework setup for pick-up, inspection, and replacement.

BEST has developed a method for printing directly on to leadless devices in order to make their placement easier and less cumbersome. This StencilMate™ system speeds up the process while insuring coplanarity between part and stencil.

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