Outsourced Solder Training Staff

BEST’s on-site solder training professionals stand at the ready to “plug your gaps” when an instructor leaves your employ or when you are growing quickly and need an instructor to “fill the gap”.

Do you need experienced solder or wire harness training staff on-site for a short-term project or longer-term commitment? Do you need to outsource this staffing need for the time being prior to hiring a new full time staff member? Trust BEST to bring just the right full-time or part-time trainers to your facility.


Do you have an existing training program? We can help you refine and maximize your program to better meet management, customer and regulatory requirements. BEST can also provide qualified professionals to implement your existing training program using your materials whether it be for EOS/ESD training, component ID, OSHA, hazards materials or other programs.

While on-site, we can also help further develop your training program build your training program from the ground up. By integrating an experienced training program developer into your workforce, we can tailor our solutions to the unique characteristics of your culture.

solder training

BEST can also provide guidance on setting up your training facility in terms of the latest equipment. In a “pinch” you could even lease a solder training lab from BEST.

Contact BEST today at (847) 797-9250 to learn more about how we can help you staff your on-site training staff.