Metal Stencils

Metal Rework Stencils

BEST produces mini metal stencils designed to be used in the rework process. These mini stencils are designed to deposit precise amounts of solder paste for single device footprints on populated PCBs. These precision stencils mimic the footprint and aperture sizes used in the original production stencil. BEST can also supply holders and squeegee blades, used for placing solder paste on the pads of components being reworked. BESTs' mini stencils have been designed for optimum stability and flatness and are designed for multiple use rework.

Order Fast Prototype Stencil

BEST has the capability of creating rework stencils for all types of components, from BGAs to small leadless devices using either Gerber data or mechanical drawings.

Our mini stencil design is flexible enough to operate with a dedicated BGA rework system or for use in manual printing.

If you need to insure co-planarity between stencil and PCB or want to repair solder mask damage at the same time BEST has StencilQuik™ which can overcome these rework challenges.

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