High Resolution Video Inspection

High Resolution Video Inspection First Image

BEST Inc has advanced tools available in order to perform the precision measurements that you need for accurate stencil fabrication and exacting solder paste volume release onto your challenging PCBs. In addition part and board dimensions can be measured down a few microns.

High Resolution Video Inspection Second Image

We have an advanced video measuring system which can measure very fine geometries not only for our product requirements but also for customer inspection projects or on a contract basis. This measuring system can be programmed to measure various or all points in X and Y and scan Z. Process data can be captured with subsequent statistical calculations made.
The capabilities of this measuring system are outlined below:

Maximum specimen size (X/Y/Z): 8 x 8 x 6” (200 x 200 x 150mm)
Resolution: 0.5 um in X/Y and Z
XY Accuracy 2.0 +(6L/1000um) where L is measured length in mm
Z Accuracy 3.5 +(6L/1000um) where L is measured length in mm
Operating environment: 15-30C

High Resolution Video Inspection Third Image

This is a multidimensional metrology system with high accuracy and repeatability. The unit has been factory calibrated.