Advanced Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Rework Course




This recently-revised Advanced SMT Rework course is for those companies wanting to “step up their game” to be able to remove and replace the smallest components. This class is based off the latest IPC standards including the IPC-J-STD-001, the IPC-A-610 and the IPC-7711 all of which were recently updated.

This class will provide some lecture portion but most of the time it will be hands-on soldering with some of the industry’s most experienced instructors. The lecture portion of the Advanced SMT Rework class discusses the various types of advanced packages and lead types as well as the soldering requirements for all 3 inspection classes. Also included is a section on solder pastes include instruction of the different alloys, flux chemistries and solder alloy powder sizes. In addition to these topics in the Advanced SMT Rework class brings forth information on the various printing and dispensing means for reworking more advanced packages. Finally, a variety of rework solder heating methods including conductive and convective soldering methods are discussed.

The hands-on portion of the Advanced SMT Rework class is where the true value and “tricks of the trade” will be learned by the enrolled student. Students will go through a serious of repetitive tasks learning. First, the instructor will demonstrate to the students the proper technique using advanced video projection techniques in this SMT Rework class so that the ultra-miniature devices can be “seen”. This is followed by the student removing and replacing several times 0402, 0201 and ultra fine pitch QFPs and more using a more “realistic” PCB. This means the PCB that the student uses is representative of what is found in the industry in terms of thermal mass. The student will then have to demonstrate to the instructor that the devices are properly removed and subsequently replaced multiple times.

This course can be held on site at your location, at a BEST training center or within the BEST mobile training center.



  • Advanced SMT Lecture
    • Advanced SMT Packages
    • Placement Requirements
    • Soldering Requirements
    • Solder Paste Selection Requirements
      • Sizes, Types, and Uses
    • Solder Paste Dispensing for Rework
      • Micro Stencil Application
      • Semi-automatic Syringe
      • Manual Syringe
    • PCB and Component Thermodynamic Considerations
      • Laminate Types
      • Component Types
    • Conductive Soldering Techniques
    • Convective Soldering Techniques
  • Soldering and Desoldering:
    • 0402 Resistor
    • 0201 Resistor
    • LQFP 100