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The BEST Land Repair Kit is designed to repair lifted or damaged lands on circuit boards. This kit was specifically designed to make the repair process as simple and effective as possible. This kit includes 3 different tin-plated circuit frame patterns, which offer nearly 3 times as many usable replacement land patterns as other circuit frames. BEST circuit frames can be used on both lead-free and tin-lead finish circuit boards. They can be adhered either with a 2-part epoxy system or with a dry film system which uses a heated tip to adhere the replacement pad to the PCB. The Land Repair Kit also includes useful tools to help the repair process go smoother such as: (1) professional stainless-steel tweezers, (1) precision knife, (4) Resin/Hardener, and (5) Orange wood sticks. This is a very versatile kit, which will meet the needs of your land repairs.