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Mask Repair

Rework/Repair Services
Coating and Mask Repair

BEST technicians can add, remove or replace mask and coating materials. This repair may be part of other mechanical PCB board damage that has occurred, poor quality from the board shop, or it may be due to a component that has seen excessive heat. On BGA patterns where mask has been removed between the pad and the via, BEST technicians can touch up the mask so solder will not flow down the dogbone and starve the solder joint.

BEST technicians can, depending on the type of mask or coating being dealt with, use chemicals, scraping, abrasion or micro sandblasting techniques in order remove coatings or unwanted mask.

When required BEST technicians can remove or add legend and other markings from the board surface.

Damaged BGA Pads Before ReworkDamaged BGA Pads Before ReworkDamaged BGA Pads After RepairDamaged BGA Pads After Repair