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BGA Pad Repair

BGA Pad Repair/Rework Services

BGA Pad RepairsBGA Pad RepairsIf BGA pads have been damaged due to improper part removal techniques, during reballing or mechanical "digging" into the circuit board during cleaning, then BEST can repair these damaged circuit patterns to as a "good as new" condition. If a critical part needs to have its pads repaired prior to reballing, then BEST can repair these BGA pads or vias. Finally, when an extra pad for testing or signal split off needs to be added to the PCB then the BEST BGA pad repair process can be used to add in a pad. No matter how small or big BEST technicians can do a high-quality job on your BGA pad repair.

BEST stocks many different kinds and styles of pads in order to facilitate a fast turnaround of the repair. We even have the ability to make custom traces and pads in order to reduce the time and cost it takes to repair those boards. If there are numerous BGA pads requiring repair that of the same size or that or hooked into the same trace widths then BESTs’ BGA pad repair, design and manufacturing capability are want you to need for faster turnaround and lower cost repairs.

BEST repair technicians use the epoxy method as a standard matter of course when it comes to the repair of BGA pads. Using this method the greatest pull strength (in fact our studies indicate a comparable pull strength to the original attachment) is accomplished. The materials and processes used in our process have been qualified for use by the likes of Motorola, GE and Flextronics.

BEST technicians use a variety of different IPC repair techniques along with the "tricks of the trade" they have learned over many years. This is especially the case when a BGA pad repair which has an integral via is involved. In this case the via is connected to one or more of the internal layers. These internal layers need to be reconnected in many cases of BGA pad repair as the pad tens to “rip off” the connection to the via. This will enable them to accomplish a high-quality BGA pad repair where only a trained eye could discern that a repair had been performed.

[b]BGA Pads Damaged[b/]BGA Pads Damaged[b]BGA Pads Repaired[/b]BGA Pads Repaired